Farm sales at Oyo, Oyo State

Farm sales at Oyo, Oyo State

Asking price: 390m NGN

This well structured farm is located 25 km north of the agrarian ancient Oyo town on the new Oyo-Ogbomosho expressway and an hour drive from and to Ibadan and Ilorin respectively.

For sale is an ultra-modern Commercial Broiler farm comprising:

-Land of 72 acres with approved Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) with 50m set backs to large river running the Northwestern borders of property.

-4 Penhouses each of 6000 Broiler capacity (total 24,000 capacity) with automatic drinkers and feedings troughs. The
5th Pen-house foundation completed with 12,000 birds capacity + another inner perimeter fencing of entire production area (10 acres)

-Feedmill complex:
Has capacity for 2 tons per hour + secured storage area for drugs, feed concentrates + 4 wall fitted industrial fans and another big storage for farm equipments, wood shavings, plumbing & other supplies

-Slaughter house/ cold room consisting of 4 blast and chiller machines with combined storage capacity of 1.2 Tons of Frozen Farm Fresh Dressed Chickens.
Adequate provision exists for expansion of this facility.

-Energy source
45 KV Diesel Generator 10KV Petrol Generator
5 KV Petrol Generator
1000 Litre Diesel tank with switch room for fuel storage

-2.5 LT Van (Volkswagen)

Palm plantation of 1113 stands of special Tenera specie (short fleshy) at various ages and some had started fruiting and by 2022 oil palm milling expected to commence full operations

-Drainage networks and reliable borehole/water system with 5 storage tanks, and 3 massive underground tanks

-Underground electrical cables with security lights in designated places on farm

-Solar connections to Penhouses 1 and 2 + Farm house exterior at Workers’ lodge (Penhouses 3 and 4 pending)

-Workers residence x 4 large rooms and double bunk beds + 3toilets + 2 Store rooms + solar power for exteriors only

-Guest chalets x 2 beds -air-conditioned + toilets and bath + DSTV connections

-Chairman’s wing comprising air conditioned fully furnished office complex, kitchen, air-conditioned big bedroom, toilet and bath with an adjoining 2 car garage + laundry room + guest toilet + DSTV available (Office and Bedroom) + professionally tiled floors

-Perimeter fencing of entire farm including gated inner fencing of Penhouse areas for requisite bio-security with another inner gated entrance

-Farm Products:
-Live Birds
-Frozen Chickens
-Palm Produce at maturity would be significant part of farm produce by 2022)

-Suppliers include:
-Agrited (DOC & Vaccines)
-Farm Support (DOC)
-Chi (DOC & Vaccines)
-Skretting (CCT)
-Wacot (Soya and Maize)
-His Grace Benefit
-Animal Boost
-Mayour Vet Services

  • Tawa Grains
    -Sodiq Stores
    -Alhaji Sholiu & Sons

-Markets are segmented involving over 18 regular and loyal customers mainly in Ilorin, Ogbomosho, Ibadan, Oyo and Lagos and include:
-Major Frozen Food Stores and distributors, Restaurants, Processors (details would be provided to new Owner)

Seller commits to train and integrate new owners into all aspects of farm operations for transitional period as mutually agreed

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